CFI’s Plastic Fabricators Offer Their Customers Some of the Best Custom Plastic Fabrication Around

Custom FRP Inc.

CUSTOM PLASTIC FABRICATIONAs with Custom Fiberglass Inc.’s other products and services, it offers custom plastic fabrication for a large base of customers who hail from a number of diverse industries, including chemical processing, water and wastewater plants, and oil production.

What Is Custom Plastic Fabrication, and What Do CFIs Plastic Fabricators Bring to a Project?

Custom Plastic Fabrication is a term that is used when plastic needs to be manipulated, manufactured and designed to meet various needs, such as the parts of a toy car, for example, though CFI’s plastic fabricators usually work with much larger objects than toys.

From the start of a project to its delivery and installation, CFI offers all of the custom plastic fabrication tools and equipment that are necessary to help its customers in every aspect of their manufacturing processes. Plastic fabricators on CFI’s team are proud of their specialty, which is basing a project on each customer’s specifications and letting those customers select the materials and design that will go into the final result.

CFI’s plastic fabricators use the tried and true, hand lay-up method of fabricating plastics, and with that method, they can serve up FRP products in all shapes and sizes with seemingly endless possibilities.

What Sorts of Custom Plastic Fabrication Does CFI Bring to the Plant Floor?

From chemical storage and process tanks to piping and everything in between, Custom Fiberglass’ experienced design team and its plastic fabricators can deliver whatever a customer needs whenever that customer might need it. Cooling towers are one chief product that comes off the company’s floors. CFI’s plastic fabricators can produce square-shaped cooling towers, configured in single or multiple cells, to each customer’s specifications. Its FRP cooling towers can include louvers, fan housing, fans or, simply, FRP shells and enclosures. CFI has produced both freshwater and brine-water cooling towers that have been in customer operation for more than 20 years.

Other types of custom plastic fabrication that CFI can meld with its personnel, tools, and equipment include FRP pipe, which can be manipulated or shaped to any dimensions specified. And if specifications are not provided, Custom Fiberglass offers standard, pipe-fabrication, minimum wall thicknesses from which customers can choose.

CFI’s plastic fabrication for pipe and duct can include these offerings and services:

  • Full vacuum and pressure service;
  • Filament wound or hand lay-up;
  • Various pipe lengths;
  • A full range of pipe fittings and connections;
  • Standard materials of custom resin formulation for abrasive and corrosive applications;
  • Round or rectangular duct;
  • Full design and engineering support.

Customers should remember that when they’re choosing an FRP material that’s designed to contain harsher chemicals and gases, many factors should be considered, such as pressure, temperature and chemical contents. Plastic fabrication brings a number of advantages over other materials used in pipe and duct, such as steel. FRP materials are highly corrosion-resistant, are one-sixth the weight of steel (with a much higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel), are non-conductive, and they will offer minimal maintenance, resulting in decreased downtime. Contact the plastic fabricators at CFI to choose your piping needs today.

What Standards Do CFI’s Plastic Fabrication Products Meet?

CFI’s plastic fabricators have been successful in supplying not only tanks, piping, cooling towers, scrubbers, heat exchangers and other custom products, but their work also meets high industry standards. Such standards include those set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Manufacturers of custom plastic fabrication products must be ASME RTP-1 certified (for Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion-Resistant Equipment), and Custom Fiberglass Incorporated is.

When building tanks, piping and other equipment with custom plastic fabrication, CFI also meets and is certified in standards set forth by both the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Organization for Standardization (IOS).

With the popularity of the Green Movement has come to a wave of regulations requiring containment of equipment and fluids. Custom Fiberglass Incorporated has diversified its offerings to include products that will continue to meet this demand in the future. Soon, CFI will offer standard sizes for enclosures and housings to bolster even further its work in custom fabrication.

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