FRP Pipe & Duct


CFI will produce FRP pipe to any dimensions specified. If specifications are not provided, CFIs standard pipe
fabrication minimum wall thicknesses are shown below. We keep 1 through 30 in stock utilizing a chemical grade
vinylester resin using an MEKP cure system in these thicknesses:

CFI pipe and duct offerings include:

  • Full vacuum and pressure service
  • Filament wound or hand lay-up
  • Various pipe lengths
  • Full range of pipe fittings and connections
  • Standard materials of custom resin formulation for abrasive and corrosive applications
  • Round or Rectangular duct
  • Full design and engineering support

When choosing a material to convey harsh chemicals and gases, many factors should be considered; such as: pressure, temperature, and chemical contents. FRP pipe and duct offer many advantages over other materials such as steel. FRP is highly corrosion resistant, 1/6 the weight of steel (with a much higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel), non-conductive and minimal maintenance resulting in decreased downtime.

Please contact the professionals at CFI to find the right solution for your piping needs.

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