High-Quality FRP Tanks and Other Vessels That Will Make CFI Your FRP Tank Supplier and Will Pass Tank Inspections

FRP Tank Supplier

Custom Fiberglass Incorporated has been producing high-quality FRP tank and vessels since its founding over 40 years ago. Its specialty is chemical storage and processing tanks and vessels, but it can produce general-purpose storage tanks that will meet your specifications as well.

Why Seek High-Quality FRP Tanks?

High-quality FRP tanks are particularly sought for storing chemicals because of their anti-corrosive properties within the tank and its lining. Such FRP chemical storage tanks are common in many an industry, including those plants that process chemicals, food and beverage, oil and other fuels, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, and plastics in general, in addition to companies that generate and produce electrical power.

Some industries may consider high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials for the tanks or piping that they need for a project, but again, because of fiberglass reinforced plastics’ anti-corrosive properties, they are considered a superior material when customers compare FRP vs. HDPE tanks — or even FRP vs. polyethylene tanks as well — for both above-ground and underground applications.

Many chemical storage tanks used on farms and agricultural companies, in addition to those used in industry, also may be subject to meet federal or state technical requirements for tank construction and operation, as well as an FRP tank inspection. They also may be required to meet certain FRP tank temperature limits — depending on what chemical or material might be stored within the vessels. Whether the product you’re storing in your FRP tank is requiriing a metal outer layer, or whether you’re needing fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks to store the fuel or chemicals on your farm or feedlot, Custom Fiberglass will deliver whichever tank or vessel you desire.

Why Should Custom Fiberglass Be Your FRP Tank Supplier, and Can Its Work Pass an FRP Tank Inspection?

FRP tank inspections can sometimes arise, because of federal and state regulations, but CFI believes in producing tanks and vessels that are well above such required specifications. All of the tanks that Custom Fiberglass produces are in accordance with strict standards that are set down by both the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). Rest assured that if you undergo an FRP tank inspection for your CFI-produced product, it will meet any of those ASTM and NBS standards that may apply.

All of our tanks are produced according to the strict standards of ASTM and NBS PS15-69.

CFI can design and fabricate FRP tank up to 30′ side wall height, to withstand full vacuum up to 100PSI pressure. All of our tanks come with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

We believe in producing tanks and vessels well above the required specifications. Please provide us with your specs today to find out how we can give you the most bang for your buck.


FRP tank specifications that customers seek can vary widely, of course, but this is where the “Custom” in Custom Fiberglass comes into play. To help you gauge the size of tank you might need before you reach out to CFI as your tank manufacturer, check out the company’s FRP tank sizes and tank design calculations that are shown in the accompanying table on this page. Or, simply call Custom Fiberglass with your tank specifications, and it then will help you determine what your FRP tank price list might be.

Fiberglass tanks are built to last, and when custom fiberglass companies use advances in technology for fiberglass production, they also offer reliability, corrosion resistance and advanced engineering designs for tanks that are located either above ground or below ground, according to the Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute (FTPI), of Houston, Texas.

Incorporated in 1987 as a non-profit group, the FTPI is a resource for companies such as Custom Fiberglass to learn the latest in industry standards.

The Institute notes that both single-wall and double-wall constructed FRP tanks are available for many industries and that its member tanks are listed in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories standards. Double-wall tanks can accommodate a wide array of high-tech electronic leak-monitoring and stored-product-control equipment.

Above-ground tanks that are FRP shop-fabricated can range from 40 to 60,000 gallons in capacity, and some field-erected sizes can be even larger. Above-ground tanks are ideal for acids, caustics, and solvents and corrosive fluids used in petroleum production, as well as chemical, pulp and paper, and other industrial applications, the FTPI says, adding that besides assurances that such tanks will never rust and offer durable, long life, they are environmentally safe.

Underground tanks that are FRP shop-fabricated, meanwhile, are ideal for storing these sorts of fluids, according to the tank and pipe institute: Gasoline, jet fuel, AV-gas, motor oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, alcohol-gasoline blend motor fuels, diesel exhaust fluid, ethanol-blend motor fuels, methanol blends, oxygenated motor fuels, water and septic, any gasoline/ethanol blend, including 100% ethanol, methanol or M85.

What Sorts of FRP Tank Work Can Custom Fiberglass Produce?

CFI’s personnel can fabricate tanks from 2 to 8 feet in diameter and up to 30 feet side-wall height, and the FRP tanks and vessels can withstand full vacuum up to 100 pounds per square inch in pressure. In addition to their ability to pass FRP tank inspections, all of Custom Fiberglass’ vessels come with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects — but, hey, it’s not like potential customers need to worry. That’s because many of CFI’s custom-made, high-quality FRP tanks and vessels have operated continuously where they stand for more than 20 years.

Once you’re seeking out fiberglass tank manufacturers and then have identified Custom Fiberglass as your FRP tank supplier, send the company your tank or vessels price list today. You’ll discover how Custom Fiberglass’ FRP tank manufacturing process and its acumen at building custom-made tanks and vessels can give you, and your company, the most bang for your investment dollars.

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