CFI has been producing high-quality FRP tanks and vessels since our existance. Our specialty is chemical storage and
processing tanks and vessels although we produce many general purpose storage tanks as well. Many of our tanks have been
in continuous operation for over 20 years. We can fabricate tanks from 2′ diameter up to 10′ diameter. All of our
tanks are produced according to the strict standards of ASTM and NBS PS15-69. Here are the standard wall thicknesses:WALL THICKNESS

CFI can design and fabricate FRP tank up to 30′ sidwall height, to withstand full vacuum up to 100PSI pressure. All of our tanks
come with a 1 year warranty.

We believe in producing tanks and vessels well above the required specifications. We always produce our tank
thicknesses to be able to withstand harsh chemical environments and temperatures providing the end user with plenty
of “eating room” resulting in a long-lasting vessel. Please provide us with your specs today to find out how we can
give you the most bang for your buck.